Jawbone Mini Jambox Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Jawbone Mini Jambox : In 2010, Jawbone introduced the first Jambox. This product was one of the first Bluetooth-enabled speakers and provided with their stylish design and the nice voice prompts stir. Due to lack of competition, the boxes like hotcakes over the counter went Virtual despite inflated prices.

And rightly so: A decent sound quality was unusual for a speaker with such small dimensions. Meanwhile other manufacturers have caught up: Bose raises his brassy SoundLink Mini the bar once again on. Denon also mixed with its Envaya’s on the market.

Mid-2012 was followed by the larger version “Big Jambox” that would compete with other big boxes like the Bose SoundLink. The end of 2013, the portfolio was finally to the third variant, the Jawbone Jawbone Mini Jambox expanded. In recent months, I was able to take the first two models under the magnifying glass – now I had the opportunity, the Jawbone Mini Jambox to test extensively.

Price: The Jawbone Mini Jambox costs $54.99 in Amazon with the 10% off Coupon Code: 10PRIMENOW (coupon only for 1st order).

Jawbone Mini Jambox  First Impression

On slogan “Sound never looked so good” could be something to it. By shining Aluminum look and pop-colored colors the small box is a real eye-catcher. Not everyone will like the design, but a number of users feels drawn – the popularity of Jambox confirms this.

I myself like the design very well. The sound bar leaves a robust, stable impression in his hand and a sense of value. Particularly the size I’m done. Having a dimension of a chocolate bar, I can put the Jawbone Mini Jambox loose in my pocket without noticing yet constantly.

This can be said of a few Bluetooth speakers: The almost three times as heavy SoundLink Mini plays in a different league and I think about the transition to the outside very well if I want to carry around an extra pound with me. Particularly for frequent travelers, the ultra-mobile Jawbone Mini Jambox might therefore be interesting.

Jawbone Mini Jambox user interface

As with the middle Jawbone Mini Jambox reduces the keys to a minimum. At the top of the key project “quieter”, “loud” and “Play / Pause” from the case.

On lateral rubber rand surrounding the Power Button, a pairing button and the two ports Micro USB and AUX. A power adapter for charging via outlet is not included.

This looks at first glance to a few functions. But I was wrong! With keyboard shortcuts lot can be done that way. Pressing the Play / Pause button twice to jump to the next track. Press three times brings one to the previous song. Calls can also accept this multi function button.

The shift has two functions: If you tap again shortly afterwards, the current battery level is announced. (If this is less than 10 percent, the key flashes red.)

Very useful is the “Silent mode” which disables the English voice prompts. Initially, the mouthed box may well be a nice gimmick, but after a few days that may well get on your nerves! However, those who cannot get enough of it, which can be downloaded via the Jawbone app different voices of various wordsmith. Over time, the manufacturer also offers functions as download.

Range / battery life

Miracles should not be expected of the reach of small sound bar. After a thick stone wall disconnects. Sometimes fast listening in the next room music does not go thus. On straight track I came in the test for a Bluetooth range of 20 meters. Leaders are here the Fugoo Sport (several tens of meters) and the Envaya Mini (about 50 meters).

According to the manufacturer extends a battery charge for a playing time of about 10 hours. At 25% volume I came to practice on a continuous 9 hours – a truly solid value for an ultraportable speaker. The flat lithium-ion battery is one at the back of the speaker and serves as a passive sound.

Jawbone Mini Jambox  sound quality

The question that probably arises every user is, “How good can a speaker with these small dimensions, anyway still sound?”. At first listen, I was pleasantly surprised at how much sound flows from such a small speaker out. The highs are crystal clear.

Trumpet solos or piano notes sound accurate and balanced. The sound is spatially and sounds not dampened despite the metal chassis. Here also the Logitech UE Mini Boom or the Jabra SoleMate can no longer convince Mini. What about bass technically? The low notes are certainly present, but restrained and little punchy.

This of course is to borrow the tiny package. But in this small format, there are no product that provides more powerful bass. The deep tones of the Jabra SoleMate Mini are very similar, but not enough so far down. The UE Mini Boom cannot score with the powerful bass.

About the live audio function allows the sound a little “improve”. The bass sound a little stronger and there is a small stereo effect created. This works fine, but a groundbreaking difference does it not also. Because it sounds special songs a little unnatural and unbalanced.

The volume of the Jawbone Mini Jambox is less convincing. Other speakers in this segment play almost twice as loud. Unfortunately, the box distorted at high volumes and are formed partly unsightly artifacts. The basses are then virtually no longer exists.

Price: The Jawbone Mini Jambox costs $54.99 in Amazon with the 10% off Coupon Code: 10PRIMENOW (coupon only for 1st order).


Clearly, the goal of the Jawbone Mini Jambox is not to the sonication of larger parties. Rather, the Jawbone Mini Jambox while playing background music or a small get-together with friends will be used. Nevertheless, I would have liked a higher maximum volume. Who tiny dimensions are not the measure of things, which already gets significantly better sound for the same money.

The Denon Envaya Mini about sounds clearly adult and strikes a balance between over-emphasized bass SoundLink Mini and under powered bass Jawbone Mini Jambox. Also, the Sony SRS-X3 offers a very balanced sound and can score with powerful low tones. About $100 is particularly the JBL Charge recommended. 2 He is one of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market for more than a fair price of approximately $125.

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