VAVA Voom 20 Review Speaker Bluetooth

VAVA Voom 20 Review Speaker Bluetooth

VAVA Voom 20 Review:  Again and again I am asked what speakers I would recommend for $79.99 at present, when it comes to good sound, long term and priority to use in rooms. All I can respond to currently convinced that the VAVA Voom met 20 all these claims and therefore for me currently is the Mini SoundLink by $199

It always good products that bring for my taste always trade offs. When I used to, for example, on Amazon product review, I try my personal taste not to give too much weight, because my taste is not everyone’s taste indeed.

I introduce products that I personally like especially and meet my taste. Thus, the VAVA Voom 20 for me currently the best overall package of design, operation, sound and duration represents. Learn now in detail.

Price: The VAVA VOOM 20 costs $79.99  with the 10% off Coupon Code: 10PRIMENOW (coupon only for 1st order).

First impression

When Vava Voom 20 alone is opening the package an experience. Unlike speakers in this price range, the packaging itself is already a small presentation. Only slide the bottom of the box from the lid and only the removal of the cover, in which there are the manuals, are the views of the actual speakers free. The accessory is beautifully tucked neatly in an additional cardboard box. Small imprints in the form of sketches provide information about the content. Very noble made.

When taken out from the box, I thought at first the speaker clamps, but he did not. The Vava Voom 20 has a packing considerable weight of 705gr, he will first be raised. Contrary to the experience of other buyers of the speaker could be my turn and shows me 3 to 3 battery LED’s without problems. The sound at power is unobtrusive impressive.

As opposed to the Jam Heavy metal anchor or premium, where I had the active chassis always pressed against my stomach to make the volume bearable. But why me the VAVA Voom is 20 very sympathetic. It is precisely this type of acoustic “appointment” like me as well as absolute silence.

But the same moment of this impression I feared also that this was only the sound down to the last dot Power Jingle just and equal certainly follows the aural disillusionment.

VaVa Voom 20 sound

But already at the first notes of my first songs, which as so often was “Hotel California” by the “Eagles”, is skeptical joy hired me. Neither to stresses in the heights nor that the guitars sound unnatural brassy, plays the VaVa Voom 20 this classic from. Especially in the heights This piece is emphasized plenty of home and many speakers come as to the limits.

As evident then that about one otherwise good Clip GIG clearly too much additional sets on top. What 80% of music ensures more open to sound, then hurts at least in my sensitive ears. All the more interesting is the VaVa Voom 20 because although the play does not even as high as the clip GIG in measurable comparison, but what he does to 12kHz because, I like quite well. A little reminds me of the top $100 more expensive Bose SLM (SoundLink Mini), the more open sounds with the latest firmware and then gave me already fallen in the range of heights.

Unfortunately, the Bose was with me otherwise not score in the long run, because in terms low and mid-range has been denied from half volume. Thanks to its intermodulation distortion that brings the extreme bass boost the SLM with it. When VaVa Voom 20 that happens too, but much less conspicuous and also only from 90% of its volume.

He also plays the bass like deep as the SLM plus much more contoured. Even played softly sounds of VAVA Voom 20 beautiful fully with the bass below 70Hz in favor of the more accurate sound perception initially quasi absent. But even at low volume the sound is immediately round and has no distortion in which case the bass ranges audible down also to 55Hz.

With regard to the maximum volume although he is quieter than eg the Jam Heavy metal, but in the heights he plays much more pleasant. Again sounds of VAVA Voom 20 more relaxed for me. Although some readers think again, equal to comparing apples with pears, so an $80 speakers with a 3 times as expensive model.

Yeah, why not? That makes for a prospective synonymous with in the decision into preferable cheap No name speakers significantly more expensive branded model with comparable performance.

Compared to BeoPlay A1 of VAVA Voom 20 sounds somewhat covered, but that is not really surprising, as he also does not have a separate tweeter. In addition, the VAVA tuned significantly neutral. But even at half volume, both the same to the extent that sonic benefits are found in A1 only in direct comparison, is allowed to the basic tuning and the impressionable EQ of the A1 before one outside.

In Soulperfreesia “all my kisses” I like the VAVA Voom 20 really good. Only the kick bass is withdrawn slightly from about 70% of volume. Although the bass is beginning full one, but then regulates the amplifier bass from so as not to come into the override, which means Danny compression. This is audible even without a direct comparison for me.

Those who are not so intensely with many speakers, it sounds may thus not out. Nevertheless, such fat-blended pieces are heard at half volume, this effect does not occur. And by the way, the songs of Soulperfreesia not only great test pieces but also really good music. Especially when “all my kisses” I hear a little the lack Super tweeter, but does not make worse the sound. Many other speakers also make it not, this adequately represent. Paired with Kick bass the often hears of bad because distortions are immediately audible. Even the VAVA Voom 20 is there not error-free, but in a good way away from the “performance” of a SLM. Even listening to the radio is possible with the VAVA Voom 20, without being deafened. The SLM was annoying after a short time, because all the radio presenters sounded brassy.

VAVA Voom 20 Design & Feel

When unpacking, I immediately thought of the Sony SRS-XB3 speakers. Because is in terms of feel with me the very top, just like now 20. Although they differ the VAVA Voom in the geometry of the housing, both for me from managed and just hold each quality. In terms of design and feel of VAVA Voom 20 plays regardless of the price with the top!

The Vava Voom 20 is an “intermediate thing” between the cylinder and cuboid. Either a square with rounded longitudinal edges, or a cylinder with mutually orthogonal flats. This makes him in my eyes as interesting as the Sony with its trapezoid-inspired housing form. Not too much extravagance, but just as much to be interesting.

The choice of material and construction is also very good. Even VAVA Voom 20 application of force by a firm grip to the touch creaks nothing, let alone there anything after. The processing of VAVA Voom 20 is exemplary. Only two keys are for the backward and forward navigation of titles would have been pleasant, but he brings NFC with for the quick coupling.

The layout of the controls, the LED’s and the company logo on a line in the longitudinal direction on the top underscores the high quality of the speaker. Finally completes a cloth bag the good impression. The Protects not against shocks, but prevented scratches when carrying in a backpack and looks good when unpacking.

Price: The VAVA VOOM 20 costs $79.99  with the 10% off Coupon Code: 10PRIMENOW (coupon only for 1st order).

Technical details

On the back of the different sockets are located under a cover that fits perfectly and protects against splashes. In addition to Bluetooth 4.0 with nearly lossless Apt-X protocol, the useful signal can be leaked analogy about 3.5mm. So has the stocked with a battery 5.200mAh

VAVA Voom 20 the possibility of other USB loadable device during operation with a maximum of 1-amp charge. Even he is charged by micro-USB cable, but depending on the power source may take up to 10 hours. On my Wall Charger, that beat 1.5A provides constant while charging, it takes 4 hours to full charge.

After the third complete unloading and reloading of VAVA Voom has 20 persevered with me at 80% Time with low volume and the rest at almost full volume almost 20 hours. Given the rich sound and a maximum amplifier output of 2 x 8W a very good value. The manufacturer itself indicates that 80% of the volume to its 10 hours a day, which I think given my usage experience for quite realistic.

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