How to do a Fresh Install of WordPress Kinsta

So you want to install WordPress on your computer yourself. Here are the steps you need to take. Before that if you have not purchased kinsta or looking to save some $$ on your next renewal means then i recommend you to buy kinsta on this upcoming Kinsta Black Friday deals.

Creating the Environment

Some software viz. Apache, MySQL, and PHP are needed to manage WordPress. This is called AMP. So you need to set up a local AMP stack on your Windows or MAC or Linux machine. There’s DesktopServer with both Windows and Mac versions, WAMP exclusively for Windows, MAMP exclusively for Mac, and XAMPP that works for Windows, Mac as well as Linux systems.

Download the above stacks from their official websites. Make sure you choose the version that matches your machine. You also can choose the free version or premium version according to your preference. After the download is complete, you need to install the application on your machine. Once the installation is complete, you can enable different developer plugins as per your requirements.

Creating a blank MySQL database

The process is slightly different for each of the above-mentioned environments.

1.  DesktopServer

After you enable plugins and start the web and database services, select the option to Create a new development website on the prompt.

Click Create. You’ll see the URL of your local WordPress install. Click to finish the installation.

A browser tab will open with your local WordPress site. Choose your language, give your site a title, choose a username, a strong password, and your email address. Finally, select Install WordPress.

2.      WAMP

Launch the application and click on the green icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, followed by phpMyAdmin. This will open the login screen in your browser.

Type username as “root,” leave the password empty, and select the Go button.

Click on Databases. Under the Databases section, name your new database. Click Create. You have created a blank MySQL database.

Download WordPress from its official website, extract the downloaded .zip files by clicking on the folder (named wordpress), and selecting Extract All. Copy and Paste this folder into the directory where WAMP is located.

Type http://localhost/wordpress/ in your web browser. Then follow the series of prompts to install WordPress as explained in the previous section and click on Let’s go!

Enter database information, type the username as “root,” leave the password empty and click on the Run the installation button. Name your site and create a username and password. Select Install WordPress. It will show you a Success! message. Click on Log In.

3.      MAMP

Click on the downloaded .pkg file and follow the series of prompts that appear. Click on the elephant icon in the MAMP Application folder and click on Start Servers in the window that opens.

Create a new database by selecting Tools > phpMyAdmin

Click on the Databases tab. Name your database, select Create. Update your user credentials for the default MAMP account by clicking on the User Accounts tab on the phpMyAdmin home screen.

Go to the WordPress official website and download the latest version. Unzip the folder named ‘wordpress’ and Copy and Paste it in the htdocs folder in the MAMP Application folder.

Browse to http://localhost/8888/wordpress in a new tab. Enter your database credentials and name your site.

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